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Despite the current challenging times, many people are looking to enjoy a pleasant escape in a different environment without having to travel far from home, whether it is to rest, enjoy the outdoors in beautiful natural settings, or combine "work from home" with vacation. A change of scenery and good food are often all that's needed to cheer many people up!

At Auberge Tom B&B, we pride ourselves on providing a pleasant, relaxing and safe place to stay during these difficult times. It goes without saying we have redefined best practices for these changed circumstances and this goes far beyond surface disinfection!

The following are just some of the many reasons why our B&B remains a place of choice for those who want to escape from their homes worry-free and safely for a fun-filled getaway.

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We couldn't conceive of a night at Auberge Tom B&B without the gourmet breakfast for which we are famous.

Continental breakfast

In order to offer more flexibility to our guests for this meal, we now offer a continental breakfast delivered to the room. This way, those who are not used to eating a large meal in the morning or who prefer not to have a fixed time to take it can order a light breakfast. We will then prepare a basket that we will leave in front of the room door in the morning. Continental breakfast can be enjoyed in the room, on the balcony or on the outside terrace. We can even pack it to take away.

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Other Meals

At Auberge Tom B&B, it is now possible to take all your meals without having to leave the B&B, à la carte or as a package.

We offer lunch in the form of a picnic basket to take away as well as the dinner signed Les Fougères, served in the dining room. A large majority of our guests have experienced our other meals and loved it!

We also offer a variety of snacks to be taken directly in the room or relaxation areas: non-alcoholic beverages, fruit (solo or on a platter), homemade cookies, treats and other delicacies, fine cheese platter, etc. Non-perishable products are offered directly in the room in the form of a mini-bar, while fruit, cookies and other snacks based on fresh products are prepared upon request.

Those who wish to enjoy a healthy retirement away from the population while taking advantage of our large green spaces have the opportunity to do so in complete tranquility without the fear of having to be in closed spaces full of strangers.

Air Purification and Ventilation

Guests staying at Auberge Tom B&B have no worries about indoor air because they can count on two systems working together to provide clean, healthy air.

First of all, we acquired a powerful centralized air purifier that meets the HEPA standard and is capable of cleaning the air of the entire household in a continuous manner at all times. This system, the AMHP-250, purifies the ambient air of contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, mold spores and allergens, in addition to deodorizing it.

Secondly, since our establishment is equipped with an air exchanger system, we have programmed it so that the inside air is renewed with the outside air every hour. The filter of this unit is maintained regularly during the season it is in operation, from October to May-June.

In order to provide our guests with pleasant and healthy ambient air, we maintain our air ducts regularly by having them professionally cleaned every two years, rather than every three to five years as recommended. Also, we change the filter of the air propulsion system once a month, every month of the year.

The indoor air of our establishment therefore passes through clean ducts, is regularly exchanged with the outside air and is purified. Our guests have no need to worry about indoor ambient air.

For more information about what we are doing to provide healthy indoor air, read this blog.

Auberge Tom B&B Review

Preventive Actions

Obviously, the measures put in place could not produce the desired results without the following four actions, which are aimed at stopping the infiltration of the virus inside our establishment.

Hand washing

As soon as they arrive at the B&B, our guests are greeted with a bottle of hand sanitizing gel placed on a table next to the front door. Even before ringing the bell, they are invited to disinfect their hands. Once inside, our guests have access to hand soap in their room. They are asked to wash their hands before leaving the room and upon their return to the room. Luckily, the body care products we offer our guests are from Arbonne, a company known for its pure, safe and beneficial products that clean without drying or irritating the skin. Our guests are also provided with hand cream, a very useful product during these times of repeated hand washing, as well as hand sanitizer in each of the additional relaxation areas.


We use Melaleuca cleaning products, which are known for their high efficiency while being safe for our health and the environment. Among the range of products used, we use their melaleuca oil-based disinfectant and make our own pure alcohol-based sprayer.

Guest's Responsibilities

Finally, all these measures could not achieve the desired results without the cooperation of our guests. Indeed, everyone has a role to play and we rely heavily on our guests to relentlessly apply the good hygiene practices that have been in place since the beginning of the pandemic.

Anyone with cold or flu-related symptoms should refrain from travelling as a precautionary measure. Should symptoms appear during the travel, our guests must notify us immediately so that we can take additional measures as quickly as possible and stop the contagion within our four walls.

Auberge Tom B&B Review

I hope you are reassured and want to come visit us in complete peace of mind. For our part, please know that we are really looking forward to hosting you! :-)


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