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You would like to have your other meals here at the B&B? That' s perfect! We now offer a lunch in the form of a picnic, the evening meal signed Les Fougères, and snacks to enjoy in between meals.


Fresh fruit (to choose from a variety of "in season" fruits)

Plate of 4 home-made cookies

Fresh fruit platter

Les Fougères Pizza, 300 g (See selection below)

Platter of 3 fine cheeses

Platter of 3 fine cheeses and charcuterie

This service is offered between 4:00 and 8:00 pm.

Prices shown include gratuity but do not include taxes.









You will find it very practical to be able to take a gourmet picnic with you on your getaways in the region.

What's in the basket:

  • ham and butter sandwich on baguette bread (vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free versions offered)
  • mixed vegetable salad
  • fresh fruit
  • dessert
  • non-alcoholic beverage in a can
  • bottle of water

The picnic must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.

Prices shown include gratuity but do not include taxes.

$40 for 2 people

$20 for 1 person


Les Fougères gourmet meal for 2

You can enjoy right here an excellent gourmet meal for 2 created by restaurant Les Fougères. Just ask for it and we'll serve it to you in the dining room or outside (temperature permitting).

This service is offered between 6 and 8 p.m.

This option is also available in the form of a 3-service table d'hôte.

Prices shown include gratuity but do not include taxes.

Please provide us with your selection in advance to make sure that we have it in stock.


Butternut squash and sherry* GF

Cauliflower and aged cheddar* GF

Carrot, ginger and coriander* GF

Spinach and nutmeg* GF

White bean with fresh thyme ad truffle oil* GF

Leek, pear and Quebec blue cheese* GF

Minestrone with prosciutto, white beans and vegetables GF

Wild mushroom and tarragon* GF

Curried Lentil** GF

Vegetable** GF

Spicy Thai-style with lemongrass** GF

Tomato, orange and basil** GF

* vegetarian ** vegan GF gluten free

Appetizer | $20 (for 2 people)

Entrée | $20 (for 1 person)


4" X 12" flat multigrain breads

Ground lamb, bechamel, eggplant, red peppers and goat's cheese

Bleu ermite, fig and caramelized onion*

Brie, leek, cranberry and grainy mustard*

Wild mushroom, brie and tarragon*

Duck confit with goat's cheese, pears and spinach

Strawberry, bleu ermite, rosemary and pistachio*

Roasted peppers, garlic, feta and olives*

* vegetarian ** vegan GF gluten free

300 g / 12 po


Shares well as an appetizer

Single portion as a main course



Vegetable curry with mango, tomato, vegetables and tofu** GF

Vegetable curry with lentils and chick peas** GF


Cassoulet with Quebec duck confit and sausage GF

Butter chicken curry with grain-fed Quebec chicken, almonds, cream and Indian spices GF

Chicken curry with grain-fed Quebec chicken, mango and tomato GF

Coq-au-vin with grain-fed Quebec chicken, red wine, mushrooms and pearl onions GF

Grain-fed Quebec chicken with wild mushrooms and fresh tarragon GF

Chicken Blanquette with Quebec Grain fed chicken, cranberries, white wine and cream GF


Beef vindaloo curry GF

Beef Bourguignon with naturally raised West Quebec beef, red wine, pearl onions and mushrooms GF


Thai style pork curry with Quebec pork, coconut, lemongrass and lime leaf GF


Gourmet macaroni and cheese with truffle oil and Parmigiano Reggiano*

Wild mushroom lasagna with Quebec Brie, Ricotta, white wine and tarragon*

Quebec Duck lasagna with tomatoes, ricotta and orange

Lasagna with naturally raised West Quebec beef, plum tomatoes, Ricotta and thyme

Tourtières and tourtes (9 in)

Grain-fed Québec chicken and vegetable pot pie

Wild rice and aged cheddar pie with root vegetables and tamarind chutney*

Curried lentil pie with chickpeas and vegetables*

Lamb tourtière with Papineauville goat cheese, roasted red pepper and Fresh Rosemary

Québec duck tourtière with orange and maple syrup

Traditional tourtière


Mushroom quiche with Québec goat cheese and fresh taragon*

Spinach quiche with Québec blue cheese and sautéed onions*

Quiche Lorraine with sautéed onions, bacon and Québec cheddar

* vegetarian ** vegan  GF gluten free

$55 each, serves two people

Each entrée serves two people. 

One person could order an entrée for themselves, but there will be leftovers to bring home...


Heated mini baguette with butter

Basmati Rice* (serves 2) (prepared by Auberge Tom)




Dessert of the moment

Regular coffee and tea

Specialty coffee (espresso, latte, cappuccino, americano)

Non-alcoholic canned beverages (sparkling water, sparkling juices, sodas)

$8 each

$3 each

$6 each

$3 each

Auberge Tom B&B - Les Fougères distinctive take-out meals


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