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Auberge Tom B&B offers more than a bed and a breakfast. Indeed, our guests are not confined to their bedroom and enjoy additional space where they can relax, read, contemplate the scenery, get together, etc...

The following relaxation areas are to the exclusive use of our guests.


The sunroom is all windows and faces east and south. Right next to the dinning room, it is filled with light and offers an outstanding view on the river. Our guests love to relax in this bright room, whatever time of day. It's also the best seat in the house to admire spectacular sunrise and sunset as well as moon rise over the water. In wintertime, it's the ideal place to recharge with vitamine D!


The dining room is a vast and well glazed room facing the river. Two tables for 2 are set by the windows, and couples love to enjoy their breakfast while admiring the view to the sound of beautiful music. The bigger table will bring together 3 to 8 guests and is often the scene of joyful and animated conversations. Plates are served in delicate German German china, with silverware and cristal glassware.

The dining room is large enough to sit up to 16 guests comfortably. Imagine yourself at the table with your loved ones, without having to prepare the meal or dishes! At Auberge Tom B&B, meals are important and we take good care of everything!


Impossible to resist a flickering fire! After a day of outdoor activities, excursions or at the spa, it is comforting to relax in front of the fireplace with a good beverage. Our guests love to sit in the confortable chairs and read, listen to music, play a cardboard game or even enjoy a nice snack. For an absolute moment of relaxation, we light up the room with candles only. Whatever way you prefer spending your time in front of the fireplace, we make sure it's always burning!

Another comfortable area is at the sofas. One can read, have a chat or simply contemplate the beautiful setting unfolding behind windows and patio door. 


When the warmer weather comes back in Spring, balconies and terrace* invite our guests to get a bit of fresh air in an absolute divine setting. An adorable cascade fills the air with a joyful sound and flower bushes blossom one after the other until Fall, attracting hummingbirds and other birds. During the day, on the river, dozens of sailboats as wells as canoes, kayaks and paddle boats add a fun touch to the picturesque decor. A cozy outdoor fire extends the nights until we can admire the millions of star that enlighten Chelsea's sky.

Auberge Tom B&B is set on a 2.5 acres property. The surrounding park is big enough for short walks.  At the end of the summer, fruit trees are generous and have treated more than one guest!

*The terrace is open to our guests only when the conference center is unoccupied. When the conference center is reserved, the terrace is open to all as of 4:00 pm.



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