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When B&Bs Dust Off to Offer Comfort, Luxury and Style


Forget old antique beds that squeak at every move, potpourri bouquets that gather dust in the bathroom and creaking floors. The B&B offer has evolved and become quite diverse. Travelers call for comfort, modernity, up-to-date decoration, and even more. They want to live an EXPERIENCE with all their senses! 

Five-star Hotel Inspired

At Auberge Tom B&B, we inspired ourselves from high-end hotels where my husband and I like to stay whenever travelling. We love beautiful decors and sophisticated amenities, but what we like most are the many special attentions that come with high-class services. And that's exactly what we want to recreate in our B&B. We operate our B&B like a luxury hotel with the uniqueness and charming character of a 4-bedroom hotel.

We haven't skimped on equipment comfort:

Premium Quality Bedding

All mattresses where bought from a local manufacturer, Matelas Lapensée,  renowned for its top quality mattresses.

Premium quality feather pillows don't sunk under your head, but offer a constant support and remain fresh all night long.

Bed linens are made of soft breathing cotton, and duvets are stuffed with feathers for an optimal under-the-cover temperature.

Laundry is done using Melaleuca products, whose reputation concerning their health and environment-friendly offering is well established.

Pure, Safe And Beneficial Body Products

Body and facial care products that are made available to all our guests are from Arbonne, another company known for its top-quality products that are safe and beneficial for humans while remaining environment-friendly.

Delicious Food

Breakfasts, which are simply delicious, are cooked with fresh products, locally bought whenever possible.

We take to heart to cater our guests with a gourmet and delicious breakfast that live up to their dietary requirements or restrictions and surpasses their expectations in terms of taste and presentation. We also make sure that guests who need to leave very early in the morning get a tasty breakfast-to-go. The dishes, most of which is exclusive to Tom's Inn, are prepared mostly with fresh, local products and are simply delicious! Reviews written by our guests show how much they enjoyed our breakfasts.

Meals are served in German fine porcelain, cristal glasses and silver cutlery.

Extra Touches

But there is more than a beautiful decor and comfortable furniture to make for a delightful stay. It's all these special attentions and a personalized service that make a difference. At Auberge Tom B&B, we are constantly tuned to the needs of our guests and we put all our efforts to make their stay is the best one possible. Among other personalized services, we take care of dinner reservations and even offer a shuttle to and from Chelsea for those who want to enjoy good wine or other alcohol delights. 

5,000 sq ft Of B&B, Exclusively Dedicated To Our Guests

You like unique experiences, unusual and less-crowded places, personalized service? But you're not sure about living in a stranger's intimate home? In this case, you must know that at Auberge Tom B&B, every single room is designed to make our guests feeling like home in opposition to feeling they're in our home. Indeed, our whole B&B is exclusively dedicated to our guests. We, the owners, never use the space dedicated to the B&B, and our private space is discreet and located apart from the B&B's activities.

Try Something New

On your next trip to Outaouais, why not opting for our B&B instead of a hotel. Just like thousands of guests who came staying with us since we first opened on May 3, 2018, you will be delighted with your experience at Auberge Tom B&B!


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